The Bus: Coming to a Stop Near You


Whether you’re a secret agent, a superhero or even a zombie, riding the bus is easy. And it’s a smart way to save money – let’s face it, there are so many better things to spend your money on than gasoline.

 So, where’s the bus?!

Planning your trip is easy – you can use the trip planner on the Cherriots homepage, check the individual routes and schedules on the Routes page or download Transit App for free and use this top-rated app to find route and schedule information on the go.

What awaits you … at the bus stop

bus stop sign

Cherriots bus stops have red and white signs. Cherriots Regional bus stop signs are blue and white. Arrive at your stop five minutes early. You can also bring your skateboard on the bus, or load your bike on the bike rack.

Sometimes love doesn’t require exact change … but the bus does

Find the price of your ride on the Fares page. When you board the bus, you can pay cash for a single bus ride or a day pass. Bring exact change, because the driver doesn’t carry change. There are several ways to pay for the bus – including a convenient 30-day bus pass. You can buy your pass at several locations.

To stop the zombie horde, you must first stop … the bus

It’s easy – just pull the yellow cord as you approach your destination. 


 zombie eats brains on the bus

No eating food on the bus (especially not brains). Drinks are okay in a travel mug or to-go cup with a lid.


zombie listens to music on headphones

Listening to music is a great way to pass the time, with headphones on.


Dr. Evil and his cat carrier

Unless it's a service animal, your pet must be kept in a carrier.


Strollers and baby carriages are allowed on the bus. If possible, the child should be removed from the carriage or stroller before entering the bus, and the stroller stowed behind a seat. If you have a non-collapsible carriage or stroller or one that contains more than one child, use the lift or ramp and ride in the wheelchair area.

Carts are also allowed on the bus, but they may not block the aisle. When empty, the cart should be collapsed and kept with the passenger at their seat. If the cart is full it should be stored behind a seat so it can’t roll forward when the bus stops.

Transferring buses

You might need to transfer buses to get to your final destination. Most transfers happen at the downtown Transit Center or the Keizer Transit Center. 

Spy transfers buses downtown

No worries – both centers have bathrooms and indoor waiting areas. If you’re on a bike or skateboard, at the transit centers you need to walk instead of roll. If you’re a smoker or use e-cigarettes, be sure to find the smoking area before lighting up. Even secret agents know where to smoke.

Secret agents smoking