Create a Transportation Options Program for Your Employees

In today’s fast-paced economy, providing commuter benefits gives businesses an edge for recruiting and retaining good employees. Cherriots Trip Choice offers a variety of free services and tools to help you put together a successful Transportation Options Program at your worksite. This is one more benefit that can be added to your organization’s existing benefit plan at no cost to you or your employees. Cherriots Trip Choice serves employers in Polk, Marion and Yamhill Counties.

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Employer Consultations
Cherriots Trip Choice staff can provide you with the information and tools you need to save your company money, make your employees happier, improve productivity and decrease time lost sitting in traffic. The first step is meeting with one of our knowledgeable staff members. 

Marketing and Work Site Events
Most employees learn about their commute options from their employer. Cherriots Trip Choice is ready to participate in your worksite events, such as health and benefits fairs. This is a great way to promote commute options to your employees and provide them an opportunity to meet and talk with our staff about their individual commute needs. We can also provide you with all the materials and advice you need to market commute options at your worksite.

Online Ridematching
Employees can register with our program through Drive Less Connect and receive their matches right to their inbox. Our ridematch service connects individuals with other people making the same commute. Cherriots Trip Choice can also provide bulk worksite matching for interested employers.

Commute Incentives
Employees who share the ride benefit from a variety of incentives, including commuter tax breaks and preferential parking for vanpools and carpools. Cherriots Trip Choice also offers participating employer access to our FREE Emergency Ride Home program.

Emergency Ride Home Program
The number one deterrent to commuters using other modes of transportation is the fear of being left stranded in case of an emergency. To help your employees feel confident that they can get home in an emergency, Cherriots Trip Choice offers a free Emergency Ride Home program.

Employer Transit Pass Program
Cherriots offers a deeply discounted monthly pass that an employer can purchase for all of their employees, making transit use easy and cost-effective.  

Vanpool Formation and Support
Vanpools can solve a variety of concerns including parking limitations at your worksite or employees with longer commutes. Vanpools can also save employees money and increase the likelihood they will arrive at work refreshed rather than stressed. Our staff can help coordinate vanpool formation through one of the vanpool vendors in our region.