South Salem Transit Center

Cherriots plans to build a transit center in South Salem to better serve current transit needs, and prepare for future needs.

Why South Salem?

South Salem is a strategic location for a transit center for many reasons:

Combined, the cities of Salem and Keizer create an oval shaped community with corridors running north and south. Currently the Keizer Transit Center is located at the northern most end of Keizer. The South Salem Transit Center would be located in the southern most area, and the downtown Transit Center is located roughly in the middle.

The South Salem Transit Center would serve regular Cherriots routes in south Salem. Additionally, the South Salem Transit Center could serve a future south Salem Connector, similar to the West Salem Connector that operated in West Salem as a pilot project. The South Salem Transit Center will also provide a place for regional service to connect to Cherriots.

A South Salem Transit Center would provide Cherriots with the infrastructure to serve the Mill Creek Corporate Center as it continues to be developed; run a route between S. Commercial and S. Lancaster and eventually support a commuter bus to Albany. These are examples of potential future projects that would be possible with better infrastructure in South Salem.


State and federal funding will be pursued for this project – dollars that could not be used for operating the buses, but could be used for building projects. In March of 2015, the South Salem Transit Center project was awarded $1 million in a Connect Oregon grant and another $350,000 in federal matching funds. Similar combinations of funding were used for the Keizer Transit Center project.

What will the South Salem Transit Center look like?

The transit center will accommodate six buses, and it will have a passenger drop off area, covered bicycle racks and an outdoor passenger shelter. While it will be a significantly smaller site than the Keizer Transit Center, it will still have many sustainable features with an emphasis on taking care of the customer.

Where will it be located?

As a result of a site selection study, a small portion of the south Salem Walmart parking lot has been identified as the preferred site. Purchase of the site and transit center construction will only occur after negotiations with Walmart have been finalized and full funding has been secured.

For more information, contact Steve Dickey at or 503-361-2552.