Safety & Security

We want your bus ride or visit to our transit mall to be pleasant. We provide a host of services for bus riders to conveniently and safely ride the bus.

Salem-Keizer Security
Trained security personnel patrol the transit mall all day. They are also available to answer questions and provide customer assistance. Security works closely with Salem Police to ensure rider safety and comfort.

Code of Conduct
Part of making everyone’s visit a pleasant one is providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment in which to ride the bus. The code of conduct (included in the ordinances), describes the intended uses of our facilities and informs the public of the prohibited activities and behaviors.

Please help us, and your fellow riders, by being aware of this code of conduct and abiding by it.

Freedom of Movement
Please do not obstruct the free movement of others. It is a violation to interfere with access to or from any transit facilities, to intimidate or harass others, or to interfere with the safe and efficient operations.

No Loitering
To keep transit facilities clear and easy for riders to move through, everyone must take the next scheduled bus that departs to their destination.

  • Riders arriving at the mall or greeting arriving passengers must leave promptly after arrival of their bus.
  • Riders are required to identify what bus they are waiting for, if requested by an employee or security personnel.

There is no smoking on buses or in the transit mall, pedestrian walkways, or in Customer Service. The designated smoking area is located on the NW corner of the Couthouse Square complex, on the corner of High St. and Chemeketa St. NE.

Food and Beverages
Do not bring open containers of food or drink on the bus. Drinks in a hard-sided, sealed container are acceptable. Unopened packages of food and drink items that will not spill if tipped are fine.

Don't be so loud that you disturb others — portable music players are allowed with earphones. Speak softly on your cell phone. Obscenities and offensive language are prohibited.

Please help us keep our facilities clean.  Trash cans are located on the transit mall, on buses and at many stops.

Unacceptable Conduct
The following activities are prohibited at any transit facility:

  • Initiating a false report
  • Giving false information
  • Assault in any degree
  • Menacing
  • Reckless endangering
  • Public indecency
  • Trespassing
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Interfering with public transportation
  • Unlawful use of a weapon
  • Concealed weapon
  • Possession or delivery of controlled substances
  • Littering
  • Posting Notices
  • Damaging District Property
  • Possession of dangerous weapon in a public building