Winter Bus Travel: Snow Detours and Bad Weather

In the event of snow or ice, Cherriots and CARTS buses may be on snow detours. When a snow detour is in effect, buses will not be able to serve some stops on the route. 

During severe weather, including heavy rain and wind, conditions can change rapidly, and buses may run late or make unexpected detours. Although extreme weather can affect any route, the routes that are usually affected by snow and ice are Cherriots routes  6, 8, 17, 18 and 22, and CARTS 30, due to the hilly streets these routes serve.

To find out if your route is currently on snow or ice detour, visit the Service Advisories page.

Bus stops that will most likely go out of service due to bad weather are:

Route 6
All bus stops along Barnes, Baxter, Battle Creek and Reed Lane, as well as Commercial@Baxter and Commercial@Fabry.

Route 8 & 18
All bus stops along Davis, Red Leaf and Summercrest, as well as on Skyline south of Kuebler.

Route 17
Kingwood West and Capital Manor: buses will stop on Edgewater in front of Kingwood West and then head towards the Downtown Transit Center.

Route 22
Civic Center@Salem Library.

All bus stops east of Stayton.

If you use these bus stops, it’s especially important to make a plan in advance: walk to the next closest bus stop, arrange other transportation options on snow days, or if possible, arrange to telecommute and work from home.

West Salem Connector

This map shows which Connector points will most likely go out of service during snow or extreme weather:

West Salem Connector Snow Map


All trips booked at out-of-service Connector points will be canceled, and you will receive an automatic message via your chosen communication option (automated phone call, text or email). To update your communication option, go to the settings page at and click “travel settings,” or call 503-361-7551.

Out-of-service Connector points will be removed from Trips will not be automatically rescheduled – you will need to rebook your trip at a later time or to a nearby Connector point that is still in service.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Check Cherriots' Service Advisories page for the most up-to-date information before heading to your bus stop.
  • Cherriots snow detour information will be broadcast on KBZY 1490 AM.
  • When the bus is approaching, be sure to stand near the bus stop. A blinky light, flashlight or the glow from your cell phone screen can help the bus driver see you in bad weather or at night.
  • Dress for the weather in case your bus is running late. Due to slower travel speeds, your bus may be behind schedule.  
  • Buses will not stop where standing water, ice or snow drifts make a stop unsafe or inaccessible. If you encounter these conditions at your stop, plan to use the next available stop on the route.
  • CherryLift and RED Line will run during snowy and icy conditions, but some areas, particularly hilly or hazardous portions of south and west Salem, simply can't be reached. Service updates for CherryLift and RED Line will be posted at the top of this page if weather is affecting service. You can also call the Cherriots Call Center at 503-315-5544 to see if your trip will be affected by the weather, but please be aware you may be on hold longer than usual due to high call volume during weather events.