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Holiday: No service on Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 26
Medical emergency: Face masks required to ride, limited seating available
Medical emergency: Customer Service available only by phone, email, social media
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Health at Cherriots: combating coronavirus

We're taking steps to keep you safe

The safety of all Cherriots riders and staff is a top priority for us year-round, and never more so than during the coronavirus pandemic. We answer your frequently asked questions here:

Is the bus service still running?
Yes. Cherriots Local, Cherriots Regional, and Cherriots LIFT are operating Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes. We're requiring all riders and staff to wear paper or cloth masks over their nose and mouth. You can also use a scarf, bandanna, or handkerchief. As of Friday, July 24, this includes all children ages 5 and older, per the governor's order.

What can I use the bus for?
Seating is limited on Cherriots buses, so we're asking riders to use our services only when they really need them. Our riders are going to the grocery store, work, the pharmacy, or medical appointments. If you don't have an immediate need, please stay home and save a seat for someone who really needs it. Also consider other modes of transportation like biking or walking for shorter trips.

Why are you blocking off some of the seats?
To help with physical distancing on the bus, certain seats are blocked on the bus. Please do your best to give three to six feet of space between you and other riders when possible. Families can sit together, but must maintain distance between themselves and other non-family riders.

Why didn’t the bus stop for me?
We're only allowing about 4-15 people on each bus, depending on the size of the bus. We won't pick up new riders until someone gets off when we fill up. We often have extra buses staged to help on routes where buses are getting full. 

Is it true that I have to board through the back doors?
Riders must board through the back doors on Cherriots Local unless they need the ramp at the front door. This is to give drivers more space so they can stay healthy.

How am I supposed to pay if I board through the back doors?
All Cherriots services are currently free.

What are the blue circles on the ground at the transit centers?
We will be strictly enforcing physical distancing at transit centers with markings on the ground. These markings are 6 feet apart to help people lining up know where to wait for the bus.

Why are the buses coming less often to my stop?
Our goal is to reduce the number of canceled trips while still providing service for essential workers in our community. You can view all schedules on the individual Route pages or upcoming changes on the Temporary Service page.

What are you doing to keep buses clean?
Every bus is being fully disinfected nightly. We also have cleaning crews at the transit centers that wipe down the commonly touched spots on each bus in between trips.