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Fares and Passes

Find the price of all passes for Cherriots Local, Cherriots Regional, and Cherriots LIFT

Looking for current fare pricing?

Universal Fare

As of August 1, 2023, Cherriots Regional fares match Cherriots Local. Additionally, riders using Umo may take advantage of a new feature called fare capping.


What does universal mean?

If you have a Cherriots Regional pass, you can ride on Cherriots Local buses. 

If you have a Cherriots Local pass, you can ride on Cherriots Regional buses.

Cherriots Regional and Cherriots Local passes are universally valid on both services (including Route 1X).


Umo is an electronic fare payment system that provides riders with an additional way to pay their fare on the bus by tapping a reloadable card (Cherriots Tap Card) or by holding their phone (Umo Moblity App) to an electronic fare reader as they board the bus.

Riders can put money in their Umo account (called stored value) or buy a pass on their Umo account.

What is stored value? 

You can choose to purchase day or monthly passes, or deposit money that is stored in your account for later use. When adding money to your account, this is referred to as stored value. 

With stored value riders pay a fare with each boarding of a Cherriots bus, but are capped at the daily and monthly maximum (equivalent to the cost of a Day Pass or Monthly Pass). This feature is called fare capping.

What is fare capping?

With stored value, once you have paid total fares equal to the cost of a day or monthly pass, no more fare is required to ride for the duration of that day or calendar month.

For more information on Umo or to learn how to get started, visit


Cherriots Local and Cherriots Regional

Full Fare

Reduced Fare

One-Ride (not a physical pass - pay at farebox)



Day Pass



30 Day Pass or Month Pass



Annual Pass (available only with Umo)



Cherriots LIFT and Cherriots Dial-a-Ride


One-Ride (one way)

Universal LIFT Month Pass (available only with Umo) $90.00

Note: Youth ages 0-18 may ride all Cherriots services for free. No pass is required. Visit for more information.

Qualify for reduced fare and want to use Umo?

If you qualify for reduced fare you must visit Customer Service to have your Umo account updated to reflect the reduced fare rate. Once the account is updated, you will be able to purchase discounted fares online at, through the Umo Mobility App (for mobile app accounts), or at Cherriots Customer Service. Contact Cherriots Customer Service at 503-588-2877 for more information on reduced fare requirements.

For more information on Umo or to learn how to get started, visit