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How Cherriots makes services accessible to everyone, regardless of ability

Bus Accessibility Features

  • Every Cherriots bus is equipped with a boarding ramp or power lift in order to best serve our riders and ensure ADA compliance. Most of our buses are low-floor buses that can "kneel," or lower the first step closer to the curb for easier boarding. Ramps, lifts, and kneeling are available to anyone who uses a mobility device or has difficulty climbing steps. Just ask the driver for assistance.
  • The priority seating area is located inside near the front door. These seats are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • There is a securement area on board with room for two mobility devices.
  • Major stops and transfer points are announced automatically over the speaker system and displayed on a reader board near the operator. You can also ask the operator to announce when the bus is approaching your stop.
  • The reader board near the operator displays when a stop has been requested.