Travel Training

FREE educational opportunities to access your community using transit

Since 2006, the Cherriots Travel Training program has promoted safe, independent travel for all riders, with a focus on seniors and people with disabilities. Travel Training is available to ANYONE: students, commuters, people with disabilities, seniors, individuals new to transit. ANYONE who needs additional assistance learning how to ride Cherriots Local and Cherriots Regional is welcome to join us!

We support you as you travel on public transportation, working with you to provide the tools you need to ride on your own. Read the descriptions below to see which option is right for you.

​Group Transit Class

Bus riding made easy! Participants will learn practical skills in a group setting for riding our buses safely and confidently. We'll teach skills including:

  • ​Planning a trip
  • Understanding a bus schedule
  • Paying fares
  • Purchasing passes
  • Transferring to other buses

This is a classroom setting. Add a Group Transit Orientation for a hands-on experience!

Group Transit Orientation

Book an excursion on Cherriots Local or Cherriots Regional and we’ll show you how to make riding the bus easy, safe, and efficient. This group orientation is designed to assist new and existing customers with navigating our system safely and confidently. Throughout the experience, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan a trip with ease and confidence
  • Read maps and schedules
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Transfer between buses
  • Minimize unnecessary wait times

If you could benefit from a step-by-step individually customized approach to learning to ride the bus, inquire about Cherriots Individualized Travel Training.