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Data Resources for Developers

GTFS feed, shapefiles, and other system data

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The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is an open standard for transit service data. GTFS data is produced by many transit agencies around the world and helps deliver content for map and trip planning tools. GTFS was originally labeled as the “Google Transit Feed Specification" and is the data source for Google Transit services.

Learn more about GTFS from Google's overview site.

GTFSZIP Archive | 734.5 KB



Lines (cherriots-route-paths_2018-05-06)

  • Line Color (LineColor)
  • Line ID (LineID)
  • Line (LineAbbr)
  • Line Name (Line Name)
Routes 2018-05-06 KMLZIP Archive | 57.9 KB Routes 2018-05-06 ShapefilesZIP Archive | 105.6 KB


Bus Stops

Bus Stops by Signup (cherriots-bus-stops_2018-05-06)

  • Stop ID (StopID)
  • Stop Abbr (StopAbbr)
  • Stop Name (StopName)
Bus Stops 2018-05-06 KMLZIP Archive | 22.3 KB Bus Stops 2018-05-06 ShapefilesZIP Archive | 24.8 KB



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