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2018 Bus Roadeo Promotes Safety and Fun

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Cherriots drivers compete to demonstrate their skills

On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, Cherriots held their annual District Bus Roadeo. Organizing an event like this, you never know how the weather will cooperate. Thankfully, the rain stayed away, allowing the competitors no extra distractions as they expertly maneuvered through the course. The Roadeo gives our drivers a chance to practice their skills and practice safe driving techniques.  

This year, not only were the new buses being used, but the competitors' names were on the marquee identifying who was on the course. This was a great addition, allowing the spectators the opportunity to know who was in the seat from a distance.

With the cones in place, the friendly competition was set to see who would represent the District at Internationals in Louisville, Kentucky. The task at hand for drivers is to manage the obstacles in the fastest time possible. Contestants are marked down for knocking cones down and for taking too long to complete the course. In the end, the most important things are to have a good time and enjoy camaraderie with co-workers. Of course, on the mind of most participating drivers is trying to dethrone the past champion!

In the end, everyone enjoyed some really good laughs as some cones took a few good hits and some even took a ride around the course under the bus, making it more difficult to get around the obstacles.

A special thanks to all the members of the Cherriots Bus Roadeo Committee. Without all of them, this event would not have been such a success!

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