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Big changes coming to Keizer Transit Center

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A new traffic signal will change some routes

The signalization project is moving along and we’re looking forward to major changes in October at Keizer Transit Center (KTC). The temporary traffic signals are scheduled to be operational by Oct. 15, and once they are in place, buses will be able to turn left out of KTC. This will result in the following changes to the routes that serve KTC:

  • Route 19 will no longer serve stops in Keizer Station on weekdays. It will turn left out of KTC and proceed to Lockhaven. On Saturdays, it will follow the route it drives today: right out of KTC, two stops in Keizer Station (Stadium @ Ulali and Ulali @ Keizer Station Blvd), and then proceeding to Lockhaven. 
  • Route 14 will serve stops in Keizer Station at the end of the route before entering KTC instead of at the beginning. After making its loop through Keizer, Route 14 will pass by KTC, serve two stops in Keizer Station, then finish at KTC. Route 14 runs only on weekdays.
  • Routes 11 and 12 will continue to serve stops in Keizer Station as they do today. Route 11 operates on Saturdays, while Route 12 only operates on weekdays.

We’re excited to serve our riders better with these changes. Keep your eyes peeled as those cones disappear!

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