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Other cause: TCTD Routes 60X/70X service suspended
Other cause: Routes 1X, 4, 6, 8, 18, 30X on detour July 22-28 for Hoopla 2024
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Bus Stop Improvement Project Finishes Second Group

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We're continuing to improve bus stop safety and accessibility

Thirty-five bus stops in the latest group have been getting upgrades during the past few months. With the exception of one location, this group has been completed. The exception will be completed as part of a new development located next to the existing stop. These improvements have been focused on bridging landscaping gaps that separated curbs from sidewalks. In many cases this meant replacing some of the sidewalk panels, or rebuilding sections of curbs to make sure the new walkways meet ADA guidelines for bus stop improvements. With some of the stops, the location was changed slightly to address safety issues associated with the previous location. These improvements are part of a bigger project with more improvements to come for several more groups of stops.

While a big part of this project is to make sure our stops are accessible for people with disabilities or those who use mobility devices, the improvements benefit everyone using Cherriots services. For example, with paved access people do not have to walk across grass going to and from the bus. We're committed to investing in the infrastructure needed to give our riders a safe and accessible ride to where they need to go.

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