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Cherriots Adapts to a Changing Landscape

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New shelter inserts offer greater reliability for riders

We appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to work through the impacts of the pandemic on our service. We could not have anticipated that we would still be experiencing challenges almost three years later. For example, we still have not returned to 100% service because of ongoing staffing shortages. What we have learned is that the old way of doing things is no longer sustainable in this new landscape of continual change and uncertainty. We want to ensure that our riders always have accurate information to plan their trips. 

For this reason, we have begun replacing the outdated schedules with these new shelter cabinet inserts. The new inserts provide the URL, and a convenient QR code for riders who have phones that can read a QR code. The code takes them to, and the phone number for Customer Service. Additionally, they provide instructions on how to navigate to the stop page for any stop as long as you have the stop ID (located at the bottom of every bus stop sign). 

We know that change can be challenging, but providing accurate information is critical to our riders. The shelter schedules, which were quickly outdated, did not 100 percent reflect the actual service being provided.  We determined that the best practice would be to provide information about how to find current schedule information on our website or by contacting our knowledgeable Customer Service staff. 

As a reminder, it is recommended that riders plan their trip before they reach the bus stop to ensure the bus is running on that day and what the schedule is depending on the day of the week and the current service level.

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