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Cherriots receives $1,054,240 grant for transit improvements

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Funding will go toward the Intelligent Transportation Systems project

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) improve transit planning and the rider experience by providing technological solutions that enhance service efficiency. The federal government recently awarded Cherriots $1,054,240 to fund the next phases of ITS and make significant technology improvements.

One element of ITS technology, traffic signal green light extension, provides significant assistance with keeping the buses on time. When the ITS technology on the bus determines that the bus is running late, the system works together with other ITS components to extend how long a traffic light stays green. This process provides excellent on-time performance for riders and requires fewer buses on each route to maintain this on-time performance. The investment in green light extension will lead to increased ridership because riders can count on the bus being on time. Cherriots saves money as well by having fewer buses on the road.          

Cherriots will coordinate with the City of Salem on this project and will complete it in multiple phases. The goal is that all signalized intersections on the Cherriots routes will be equipped to operate with ITS. The first several phases will focus on the routes in the most congested areas that impact Cherriots on-time performance. Additional routes will be added in order of the highest need.

This project will work together with other technology improvements that are currently underway. One of the most exciting projects for Cherriots riders is real-time bus location information available on smartphones, information signs at transit centers, and on the Cherriots website. With this information and improvements to keep the buses operating on time, Cherriots is taking steps to improve service for our riders.


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