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Cherriots Wins Business Partner of the Year from South Salem Connect

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An honor from the SSC Community Partnership Team

The South Salem Connect partners recognized Cherriots as their Business Partner of the Year for 2018 at an evening ceremony on Jan. 15 at IKE Box. South Salem Connect is a Community Partnership Team that is a combined supportive effort by Salem Leadership Foundation and the City of Salem.

South Salem Connect’s mission statement is: increase neighborhood livability for children, youth, and families, through partnerships, projects, and programs with five goals:
1. Support safe environments
2. Support educational opportunities
3. Expand community involvement to improve livability
4. Support the development of fundamental skills in elementary to high school age children
5. Facilitate and encourage positive connections for children, families, and all South Salem residents

Cherriots staff first started attending South Salem Connect meetings in February 2017 after Jessica Preis from the City of Salem provided a list of meeting opportunities at a West Salem Service Integration Meeting.

The value of Cherriots being represented at the table is twofold: promoting Cherriots as a positive, contributing community partner in the Salem-Keizer area, as well as surrounding rural communities; and educating and informing our community about available Cherriots transportation services and programs. It has been enlightening to learn how little Salem-Keizer residents know about Cherriots and what we have to offer. By sitting at the table with other organizations, for-profit and non-profit; faith-based organizations; residents; volunteers; social service agencies; and the school district, it creates wonderful and varied opportunities to connect, learn, and share about Cherriots. We are honored to be at the table and to receive this award!

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