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Exciting Service Changes Coming September 4

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Routes and schedules are being adjusted to better serve our riders

Exciting changes are coming to Cherriots this Sept. 4! We’ll be adjusting routes to make easier transfers at Chemeketa Community College and to provide more frequent service in southeast  Salem.

Easier Transfers at Chemeketa Community College

In order to help facilitate transfers at Chemeketa Community College, there will be a new bay on the south side of Satter Drive near the intersection with Cooley Drive. Routes 3, 12, and 13 will be rerouted to serve this bay. This new bay, named Bay E,  will be about 400 feet away from Bays A through D, where Routes 2, 11, 10X, and 20X serve riders today. This will make it much easier to transfer between routes.

More Frequent Service in Southeast Salem

For September, we will be modifying a few routes in southeast Salem to provide more frequent service to some corridors: 

  • Route 11 will be extended south of Rickey Street to the Marion County Correctional Facility. Route 24 will be discontinued because it will no longer be needed.
  •  Route 4 will provide 30 minute service throughout the day.
  • Route 7 will be renamed Mission Street and shortened by turning around at Hawthorne Avenue.
  • Route 6 will be renamed travel down State Street and 25th Street instead of Mission Street.

Regional Route Schedule and Bay Changes

Routes 30X, 40X, and 50X will have minor schedule changes. Routes 50X, 60X, and 70X will move bays at the Downtown Transit Center.

For details on all of the coming changes, visit the Service Changes page or call Customer Service at 503-588-2877 (BUSS).

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