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Travel Training Assures Cherriots Customers are Easy Riders

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We offer lessons, training, and on-the-bus practice for all riders

Public transportation is a valuable community resource and a key element of environmentally sustainable cities. But often, the challenges of navigating public transit seem inconvenient and even intimidating. This is why Cherriots offers instruction on bus-riding basics.

  • Safety and awareness
  • Reading and using system maps and schedules
  • Trip planning, including making transfers
  • Identifying, boarding, and disembarking vehicles
  • Paying fare
  • Street crossing safety
  • Accessibility features of buses, stops, and transit centers
  • Emergency skills
  • Following appropriate social behavior and system rules
  • Self-advocacy with the bus driver and general public
  • Requesting stops and assistance with special needs
  • Judging distance and time
  • Stranger awareness

Participants receive instruction about the nuts-and-bolts tools, rules, and skills for using public transportation services. For the individual receiving training, increased confidence and self-reliance are immediate results of learning to travel independently.

 “Travel Training is a free-of-charge, vital opportunity that enables individuals to access their community, which is different for all,” said Lisa Carignan, Outreach Representative. “Some may use the bus to visit a friend, exercise, volunteer, shop, make an appointment, go to work, or any combination whether they are capable of driving or not.”

Travel trainers provide comprehensive instruction in real-life transit scenarios to familiarize the riders with local transportation options. Whether you are interested in traveling to a specific destination or learning about the transit system as a whole, trainers provide you with hands-on experience and the support you need. They will work with you until you feel comfortable and confident that you have gained the skills necessary to meet your specific travel needs and goals. These expert travel trainers help identify and remove community barriers so that riders can travel independently, safely, and confidently.

The benefits of travel training are two-fold. These skills improve the rider’s quality of life by encouraging community integration, participation in recreational and employment opportunities, and overall independence. Travel training also benefits the customers and communities we work with by reducing program expenses and paratransit utilization, while increasing the use of cost-effective public transit systems.

“Sometimes the hardest part of traveling on your own is just getting started,” said Carignan. “All that is needed is the desire to learn how to ride the bus and the end result is up to the individual’s imagination; access to the individual’s community is achieved.”

If you could benefit from a step-by-step individually customized approach to learning to ride the bus, inquire about Cherriots Individualized Travel Training. Cherriots also provides training for small or large groups.

In addition, Cherriots partners with social service agencies, medical providers, and community organizations to provide travel resources to employees who work with clients riding Cherriots. The goal of the training is to give your organization's staff an introduction to the benefits of using Cherriots Local and Cherriots Regional buses. We'll explain how to use accessibility features, how to plan trips and pay fares, and how to travel safely in the community while using Cherriots services. Following the presentation, your staff will be able to provide this information to your clients, which will increase their independence and mobility in the community.

So train, board, relax, and enjoy the ride.

For more information about our Travel Training program, visit the Travel Training page.

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