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We are all part of Team Cherriots

Learn how you can make a difference

Public transportation takes teamwork, from our staff and from you, our riders. Working together as a team helps ensure we can provide efficient, safe, and enjoyable transportation for everyone.

In the coming year, please be on the lookout for this fun cast of characters. They will be popping up on buses, at transit centers, on social media, on our website, and more to share helpful tips on how you can make a difference as a member of Team Cherriots.

It takes teamwork to be on time
Ways to help improve efficiency and keep buses on time

Ready to ride?
Please have your fare or pass ready and your belongings gathered before the bus arrives.

Don’t hide from us!
Please make yourself visible to the driver and make it clear if you want the bus.

Go with the flow!
Please keep the aisle clear and exit through the rear door when possible.

Save the seat!
Please keep priority seating open for seniors and people with disabilities.

Can it wait?
Please wait until the bus is stopped to ask the driver questions so they can focus on driving.

It takes teamwork to stay safe
Ways to stay safe on the bus and at transit centers

Walk this way!
Please use crosswalks at the transit centers and on the streets.

Let us know before you go!
Please alert the driver that you are getting your bike and exit through the front door.

Get a grip!
Please hold on when no seats are available.

Let it go!
Please don’t chase after, run alongside, or attempt to stop a bus once it leaves a stop.

Be seen, be safe!
Please wear reflective clothing and use lights to be seen in the dark.

It takes teamwork to enjoy the ride
Ways to be courteous and ensure everyone enjoys the ride

Respect the ride!
Please be courteous to your fellow riders and use appropriate language.

Keep it clean!
Eating is prohibited on the bus and drinks must be in hard-sided, spill-proof containers.

Share the air!
Smoking and vaping are prohibited on the buses and on Cherriots property.

Keep ‘em contained!
Animals must be in an approved pet carrier unless they are service animals.

Sound goes around!
Earbuds or headphones must be used with electronic devices.