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Working from home is a great commute option

As more businesses begin to re-open and are adapting to the new workplace, many are planning for employees to continue working from home in some capacity. With the increase in telework interest, Commuter Options staff at Cherriots have made it a priority to be a resource for organizations who are navigating a new or enhanced telework policy and culture.

Telework offers many benefits, including work-life balance, employee health and wellbeing, employee recruitment and retainment, improved climate and air quality, and happier more productive employees.  

As the regional Commuter Options program serving Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties, we developed the Telework Toolkit to help guide and facilitate your internal discussions regarding telework policies and practices.

This toolkit offers simple resources that will help you develop, implement, and manage a telework program at your workplace. The information provided will help employees who are teleworking, administrators who are creating policy, and managers who are overseeing teams working remotely. In addition to the toolkit, we developed a survey that will serve as a baseline and evaluation tool.  

Whether you are exploring the opportunity to establish and/or strengthen a comprehensive telework program at your worksite, or you need assistance navigating aspects of work-from-home policies and communications, Cherriots is here to help you get there! 

Contact Cherriots for support with your remote and telework needs at