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WiFi on Cherriots Buses

We're connecting our riders

We’re improving the technology resources available on our buses to better serve our riders. All Cherriots Local and Cherriots Regional buses have been outfitted with free, public WiFi! Now riders can connect their phones, tablets, and laptops to WiFi on the bus so they can check their email, read the news, or follow Cherriots on social media. 

The network on each bus is called “Cherriots Public Bus WiFi” so you can connect with confidence. It is meant for simple online tasks and the WiFi speed is not meant for streaming video and music. The signal uses the same technology as your mobile phone, so it’s limited to the areas where mobile phones receive a good signal. Regional riders should prepare for the signal to drop in certain rural areas of the Santiam Canyon, for example. 

We encourage riders to wait until the bus has left the transit center to connect to the network so you don’t accidentally connect to a different bus. If you do, you’ll lose your connection when the bus departs! 

Free, public WiFi is a new service for our riders and we want it to be as useful as possible. If you have any issues, contact our I.T. Department by emailing or calling Customer Service at 503-588-2877 to let them know what happened. Make sure you share the date, time, and bus number, (not the route number but the specific bus you were on). That way we can get the issue fixed right away and get our riders connected!

Don’t forget - we also offer free, public WiFi at the Downtown Transit Center and Keizer Transit Center. And this technology upgrade on the buses will also enable real-time tracking of the buses starting in 2020! That will allow riders to see when the next bus is arriving at every stop.

We’re excited to add this new feature on all Cherriots buses to give our riders a new convenience and an even better experience on the bus. When you ride Cherriots, you can stay connected in more than one way to the people and places you love!

Troubleshooting Tips

If your phone isn’t connecting, here are a couple of things you can try:

  • It’s always good to restart your phone once in a while. Try powering down the phone, then turning it back on again. This solves the problem most of the time.
  • Make sure your WiFi is on. Visit your phone settings to make sure WiFi is active.
  • Remember to wait until a bus has left a transit center before connecting to a network. All buses have the same network name, so you might be connecting to another bus and losing that connection when leaving the transit center.
  • After you’ve joined the network, a log in page will appear that looks like this:

          You must click the “I Agree to Terms” button in order to connect to the network and use Cherriots WiFi.

  • The WiFi spectrum on our buses is 5G, which offers a faster, more stable connection than past technologies. Some older devices may not work with this network, so make sure your device is compatible with a 5G connection.
  • While we cannot offer technical support directly to riders, we always want to know if you’re having an issue so that we can make sure it’s not a problem with our system. Contact our I.T. Department by emailing or by calling Customer Service at 503-588-2877 to let them know what happened. Make sure you share the date, time, and bus number, (not the route number, but the specific bus you were on).