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Procurement and Contracts

Opportunities for contractors, vendors, and suppliers

SAMTD changes to procurement advertisements

The SAMTD Procurement/Contracts Department has been utilizing the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) to advertise its solicitations. The state is replacing the ORPIN tool with a new system called “OregonBuys.” Consequently, SAMTD has transitioned the advertisement of its solicitations to OregonBuys as of July 1, 2021. The following is a timeline of the changes as we move through this transition:

  • June 16, 2021: ORPIN transitioned to an “archived” mode only. The state will no longer allow SAMTD to post or edit documents on ORPIN. Existing content will remain available for reference purposes only.
  • July 1, 2021: All SAMTD procurement activity pertaining to solicitations moved to the new website. All ORPIN Supplier accounts will not migrate over to OregonBuys, so all suppliers must register for an account in this new system to continue doing business with SAMTD. Registration is easy and free. Visit and click on the blue “register” button in the top right corner of the webpage to get started.

We appreciate your patience throughout this transition. If you have questions about ORPIN, contact the ORPIN helpdesk at

For questions about OregonBuys registration, call 1-855-800-5046 or email


Salem Area Mass Transit District (dba Cherriots) offers a wide range of business opportunities for contractors, vendors, and suppliers in construction, professional services, maintenance and repair, operation equipment, and more.

Any vendor submitting a bid or a proposal to Cherriots is required to review and acknowledge the Federal Transit Administration Contract Clauses that are applicable to the specific procurement.

The solicitation documents may be obtained from the State’s Procurement website (OregonBuys). Registration is required.

Cherriots does not post all notifications or addenda to this procurement webpage. You must register on the State’s OregonBuys System to download any opportunities. Any addendum issued will be automatically emailed.

Current and upcoming solicitations

RFP #21-009 Del Webb Server Room Remodel - Architecture Services
Release date: 09/13/21
Close date: 10/20/21

ITB #21-024 Air Purification System for Local Buses
Release date: 09/28/21
Close date: 10/20/21


RFQ #21-028  (10) Category D CNG Paratransit Buses
Release date: 09/10/21
Close date: 10/01/21

ITB 21-030  Lifecycle Server Replacements
Release date: 09/02/21
Close date: 09/29/21

RFQ 21-031  (4) Category D Expansion Buses
Release date: October/November 2021 

ITB 21-032  Air Purification System For Regional Buses
Release date: 09/29/21
Close date: 10/27/21

RFQ 21-033  Air Purification System For Buildings
Release date: 09/20/21
Close date: 10/11/21

RFP 21-034  Strategic Planning Management Consulting Services
Release date: October 2021

RFP 21-035  Incident Management Software
Release date: October 2021

RFP 21-036  Topographic Survey Services
Release date: November 2021

ITB 21-037  (4) Supervisor Vehicle Replacements
Release date: October 2021

ITB 21-038  Del Webb Maintenance Interior Lights
Release date: November 2021

RFP 21-039  Architectural & Engineering Services
Release date: November 2021

ITB 21-040  Parts Room Cabinets
Release date: November 2021


Contact our Procurement and Contracts Department at 503-361-7523.