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Other cause: TCTD Routes 60X/70X service suspended
Other cause: Routes 1X, 4, 6, 8, 18, 30X on detour July 22-28 for Hoopla 2024
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Opening Doors: Why I Ride Videos

Some people ride Cherriots out of necessity, others people ride the bus because it saves them money and is good for the environment. Whether they’re commuting, going to school, heading to work, or going downtown to shop, all our riders have one thing in common: they’ve chosen Cherriots to get them where they want to go.

​Watch and read real-life stories from riders of all walks of life; including riding Cherriots as an older adult, student, and commuter, as well as riding with a vision impairment, memory loss, and a physical disability or developmental disability.

Riding Cherriots as a Commuter

Marc Nisenfeld works as a development engineer at Portland State University. He commutes via Route 1X to Wilsonville, and then transfers to TriMet. On the bus, he reads, sleeps, and even makes conference calls. He calculates that if he includes the cost of parking in downtown Portland, he saves $400 a month by commuting via Cherriots and TriMet. “Most people who don’t ride the bus just don’t want to be inconvenienced. But it’s not an inconvenience. You fall into a routine and you feel good, number one about the money you’re saving, and number two about the environment.”

Riding Cherriots with a Physical Disability

Cynthia Jewitt has used a wheelchair to get around since she took a fall at work and injured her knees. Forced to retire early, she didn’t know how to get out initially and continue her independent lifestyle – until she signed up for Cherriots free travel training. “Once you get that freedom and you’re on your bus and you’ve got that training, you don’t have to be held back from anything!”