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There's a New Route in South Salem!

Connecting south Commercial and south Lancaster via Kuebler Blvd

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We heard that getting from one side of south Salem to the other side took too long and required too many transfers. Route 22 | Kuebler Link addresses this need!

► Provides service every 20 minutes (weekdays/Saturdays - peak service times)
Operates seven days per week
Serves key destinations along the Kuebler corridor

Points of Interest

Amazon Fulfillment Center
FedEx Home Delivery
Home Depot Distribution Warehouse
Marion County Correctional Facility
Mill Creek Corporate Center
Oregon State Police Headquarters
Salem Clinic South
Walmart South


Want to view the Kuebler Link route page?

Want to view the Kuebler Link route page?

Transfer Routes

Route 22 is strategically located to provide convenient transfer options with other Cherriots Routes:

Route 6* | Route 8Route 11 | Route 18Route 21

*Route 6 was rerouted on May 5 to better complement the Route 22. For details on how Route 6 changed, go to the Service Change page.

Eastbound (To Aumsville Hwy) stops
■ Commercial @ Baxter (Stop ID 230) - Shared with Route 21
■ Barnes @ Les Schwab (Stop ID 1635) - existing stop
■ Barnes @ Reed (Stop ID 1743) - existing stop
■ Boone @ Battle Creek (Stop ID 1929) - new stop, shared with Route 6
■ Boone @ 27th (Stop ID 1930) - new stop, shared with Route 6
■ Trelstad @ Burright (Stop ID 1931) - new stop
■ Mill Creek Dr. @ Logistics (Stop ID 1974)
■ Truax @ Aumsville Hwy (Stop ID 1932) - new stop

Westbound (To South Salem) stops
■ Truax @ Aumsville Hwy (Stop ID 1932) - new stop
■ Aumsville Hwy @ Depot (Stop ID 1758) - existing stop, shared with Route 11
■ Trelstad @ Burright (Stop ID 1931) - new stop
■ Boone @ 27th (Stop ID 1933) - new stop, shared with Route 6
■ Boone @ Battle Creek (Stop ID 1934) - new stop, shared with Route 6
■ Barnes @ Commercial (Stop ID 1580) - existing stop, shared with Routes 8/18
■ Commercial @ Baxter (Stop ID 230) - existing stop, shared with Route 21

Want to see the Route 22 schedule?

Want to see the Route 22 schedule?

What to Expect

  • Smaller Buses — Route 22 utilizes 25-foot buses to allow access to areas that would not be possible with a standard 35-foot or 40-foot bus. 
  • ADA Accessible — Route 22 buses are equipped with an ADA accessible ramp and two priority seating areas with safety restraints for mobility devices.
  • Bike Rack — Route 22 buses are equipped with a bike rack that can accommodate up to two bikes.
  • Standing Room — Like other Cherriots buses, if no seats are available riders may stand and hold onto the provided poles for safety.
  • New Day Passes — Day Passes purchased on Route 22 will be in the form of a paper token with a QR code printed on it, and scanned with the Umo reader when boarding. These tokens are valid on all other Cherriots Local and Cherriots Regional routes.


Identifying the Need, Funding the Solution

The need for a route along Kuebler Blvd that would link south Lancaster and south Commercial has been made very apparent to us. Not only has our service analysis indicated the need, but Cherriots Board Members, Cherriots staff, and the public have all expressed a desire for such a route. We are excited to implement this much needed link in south Salem!

Funds from the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF), allowed us to purchase smaller, more dynamic vehicles that can go into smaller areas and turn around. Route 22 is just one example of a route that stands to benefit from these “right-sized” vehicles. These same vehicles may also be used on other routes in our system to better match demand and operate more efficiently.