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May 2019 Service Changes

The latest news on January, May, and September service changes

Every four months – January, May, and September – Cherriots implements service changes based on input from customers, drivers, other Cherriots employees, and performance monitoring results. Here's what changed on May 6:

We've made some minor schedule adjustments to Route 11 to help our buses stay on time. Download the new schedule below:

Download New Route 11 Schedule


We've also adjusted the schedule on the Polk County Flex to better serve our riders. Download the new schedule below:

Download the New PCF Schedule


While the May service changes are minor, the September service changes will be profound. Because of the state transportation package, HB 2017 Keep Oregon Moving, Cherriots has a new funding source through a statewide employee payroll tax that took effect July 2018. Less than $1 a week for the average worker from a 1/10 of 1 percent tax on wages will generate $115 million a year for better public transportation. Beginning September 7, Cherriots will be able to provide Saturday and later evening service followed by Sunday and some holiday service in 2020. Learn more on the A Better Cherriots page.


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